Mario Joannette is Measurement Maven of the Month

Mario Joannette
VP Public Affairs and Communications, Joseph Brant Hospital

No one who has followed my writing over the past two decades will be surprised that our Measurement Maven this month is Canadian. The home of poutine and all of this is also home to more measurement mavens per capita than any country on earth. And we have the data to prove it.

So I wasn’t surprised to run into a bunch more at the recent McMaster/IABC/CPRS luncheon and workshop in Toronto. The audience was full of great questions and very measurement-savvy people. But Mario stood out. He mentioned some work he’d done on measuring reputation and relationships and then sent me this wonderful reputation checklist. It (and the accompanying articles) should be a must-read for anyone worrying about the health of their reputation. Congrats to Mario Joannette, our Measurement Maven of the Month. ∞

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2 thoughts on “Mario Joannette is Measurement Maven of the Month”

  1. mario joannette

    Katie, I wan to thank you for the nice mention in the above article. with being said, that is not my picture and have no idea who that is that your are referring to as mario joannette.


  2. billpaarlberg

    Sorry about that Mario. We’ve switched the photo for the one on your LinkedIn page.

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