Our June Issue: Your Guide to Measuring the Impossible

The Paine of Measurement

Dear Readers,

We’ve devoted this entire issue to helping you answer the toughest measurement questions I encountered during my past few months of touring the world. Questions like, “How do I really know how many people I’ve reached?” “How do I measure SnapChat?” and “How do I measure SEO?”

We’ve called it Measuring the Impossible because so many of the new forms of communications seem impossible to measure. And they are—if you are trying to use techniques that were invented back when you needed TV Guide to know what you were watching tonight. (You millennials out there might have to ask your parents what that is.)

But, they only seem impossible. With a combination of Google Analytics, survey research, and some good planning, they are all highly measurable. This issue includes:

Ultimately, it all comes down to the basics.

So, enjoy and measure on!

(Thanks to ptra at Pixabay for the image.)

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