Jennifer Smoter is the Measurement Maven of the Year 2022

Jennifer Smoter
Jennifer Smoter, senior vice president and
chief communications officer at UnitedHealth Group


We have named many Measurement Mavens that have implemented incredible measurement programs at their organizations. And there have been other Mavens that have used data in very meaningful ways. But in terms of imbuing the measurement mantra into hundreds of communications professionals wherever she goes, there are few that can hold a candle to Jennifer Smoter, senior vice president and
chief communications officer at UnitedHealth Group. I’ve known her for a decade. Never in that time has she wavered in her mission to make communications accountable and connected to corporate priorities.

We first met when she was at AbbVie and implementing a “single source of truth” measurement program for the entire worldwide communications team. The effort was led by another of our Mavens, Mary Miller. She wrangled and cajoled people from all over the organization to get us the data we needed to accurately measure success against the organizational priorities.

When Smoter made the leap to Intellia Therapeutics, a CRISPR start up, I was brought in to do some background research. I ended up once again setting up the foundation of a comprehensive integrated measurement reporting system to track success as the company grew.

Most recently she kindly invited me to speak to the communications teams at her latest company, UnitedHealth Group. Once again she continues her career of advancing the measurement mantra to communications professionals who, no matter where they go, will harness the value of good metrics.

Congratulations to Jennifer Smoter, Paine Publishing’s Measurement Maven of the Year 2022! ∞

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