Jennifer Bruce Is the Measurement Maven of the Month

Dr. Jennifer Bruce is the Global Leader of Communications Measurement and Insights for Adobe, Inc. She is responsible for discovering PR and social insights that impact business decisions for Adobe’s brand, digital media, digital marketing, and document services verticals. Jennifer is a powerful role model for every communications student and young PR professional.

I am privileged to serve on the IPR Measurement Commission with Jennifer,  and I’ve heard her speak several times. It was her response to a question recently posed to the Commission that prompted me to name her our Measurement Maven for this month. She didn’t just provide us with an answer, she put it in perspective and gave us further considerations to chew on. Her approach is to combine her prodigious analytical skills with deep understanding of the goals and drivers of good communications strategy.

Jennifer’s route to her current job is one that any aspiring PR person should follow. She holds a Ph.D. in social psychology from Purdue University with a focus on attitudes and persuasion. Her professional experience includes market research and data science, and prior to her current role she lead social media insights research for Adobe and Dell. Jennifer Bruce is the quintessential Measurement Maven. Congrats Jennifer! ∞

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