It’s Time to Toss that “Top Tier” Media List

An important piece of new research from the folks at FullIntel and Research scape reinforces something I’ve been saying for more than a year. Surprise surprise, Millenials and Gen Z don’t trust cable and broadcast news. And, in fact, they are far more likely to trust social media and online news.

Audience-first measurement has to start with the media your target audience trusts, not what your CEO and Board of Directors reads over their coffee. Since I started measuring PR more than three decades ago, traditional media like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN have topped every client’s “Top Tier” list. But if the people who are buying your products or a least influencing purchasing decisions, don’t trust those sources, your PR efforts will produce impressive numbers but will have no impact on purchase decisions and ultimately will result in yet another blow to the credibility of the profession.

The omnibus survey was conducted in February 2024 and gauged the opinions of more than 1,000 U.S. adults across the country weighted against the U.S. population. Read the full story at the Institute for PR website:

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