Our 10 Best Articles on How to Measure Internal Communications

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Internal communications has come into its own of late, what with WFH (Working From Home), #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, the importance of CSR, and the growing disconnect between the values of employees and the companies they work for. Here’s a list of Measurement Advisor articles on how to measure internal communications. (Some articles require a premium subscription.)

Internal Communications Measurement 101

Your Guide to Measuring Internal Communications

There is now ample and widely-accepted research demonstrating that better informed employees lead to higher profits. Which is why “internal communications” is now held in such high esteem in so many organizations. This article is a guide to an entire Measurement Advisor issue on how to measure internal communications. Read more.

4 Quick Tips to Get Started Measuring Internal, Organizational, and Employee Communications

Just getting started in measuring your internal communications? Here are four quick and easy tips that will save you time and aggravation. Read more.

The Essential Toolkit for Internal Communications Measurement

Anyone in charge of internal communications needs a tailored array of tools to measure what is working and not working. This article discusses the tools we generally recommend, organized by five vital questions they can answer for you:

  • How to know if your content is worth reading
  • How to know if your content is going anywhere
  • How to know if employees are getting the message
  • How to know if your employees trust you
  • How to know if you are impacting employee behavior

All are widely available, and many may already be in place within your organization. Read more.

Six Steps to the Perfect Internal Communications Measurement Program

If your organization is large enough—and your measurement sophisticated enough—you can use internal communications to deliver value. You do this either through saving on some cost, by generating additional revenue, or by achieving some other result that is easy to express in business value. A good internal communications measurement program is vital for this realignment, so let’s get started… Read more.

Internal Communications Metrics for COVID Times

Pandemic Priorities: Measure the Human Connection

During the pandemic we still need employees to be engaged and we still need contact with our peers. This article is a guide to a Measurement Advisor issue that tackles two major subjects: measuring diversity and measuring virtual events. Read more.

Why You Need to Integrate Internal Communications Into Your Measurement Dashboard Now

Traditionally, organizations assumed that their workers were magically isolated from all other news sources and therefore could be spoon-fed only the news chosen by their employers. Social media has changed all that. Today, employees are more likely to get information about changes in your organization from blogs, Twitter, and text messaging than your internal newsletter. Read more.

The Future of Internal Communications Measurement

Although it was published three years ago, this article lists societal changes that have impacted internal communications, and is surprisingly apropos for these times. It also provides seven specific recommendations for how to adapt internal comms measurement to this new environment. Read more.

How to Measure Diversity and Inclusion Communications

5 Steps to Measure the Success of Your Diversity and Inclusion Communications

This article takes you through a 5-step procedure to measure the effectiveness of your diversity and inclusion communications.  Read more.

Are Your Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Communications Working? An Interview with Mary S. Miller

We are very pleased to welcome Mary S. Miller, of Miller Comms, Inc., to advise us on the measurement of diversity and inclusion communications. Mary is the author of The Measurement Advisor’s popular article “Using a Leader Say-Do Survey To Align Leadership,” which we will refer to in the interview. Read more.

Advanced Internal Communications Measurement

The Best New Thing In the World: Internal Communications Measurement Standards

From a practitioners’ perspective, the 2017 International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) paper presented by Sean Williams, Julie O’Neil, Stacey Smith, and Michele Ewing is the best new thing in the world. The paper reported on research intended to answer fundamental questions that have plagued internal communications managers for years. Read more.

Trying to Benchmark Results for Your Internal Communications? PoliteMail Has the Answer

PoliteMail is a great measurement-oriented internal communications email platform. They mine the 586 million emails they process every year to put out an annual benchmark report that is full of wonderful data points. Read more.

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