Measuring Virtual Events, Part 2: A Guide to Objectives, Metrics, and Tools

This is Part 2 of Measuring Virtual Events. See Part 1 for step-by-step instructions.Visit this page for a list of our articles on COVID-19 communications measurement.

To set up a program to measure the effectiveness of your virtual event, read Part 1 of this series first. It will give you the basic steps to follow. Here in Part 2 we provide a more detailed breakdown of the parameters that pertain to most types of events. Included for each type of event are typical objectives, activity and outcome metrics, benchmarks, and research methods or tools:

(If the table below is too wide to show all the columns, drag the table to the left to view the hidden columns. Or use the scrolling bar at the very bottom of the table to slide the table over.)

Type of EventExamplesTypical ObjectiveActivity MetricOutcome MetricBenchmark or BaselineResearch Method or Tool Required
Online Stunt or "virtual flash mob”Captain Tom or Fresno KidsGenerate engagement and publicity for a cause Social sharing results% of target audience more aware,
$$ raised
Other marketing or promotional activitiesSocial listening and Excel
% increase in desired activity, e.g., click thrus, donations, goal conversions, SEOWeb analytics
CPM vs. other promotional activities
Virtual trade show (with booths and exhibitor area)United FreshGenerate qualified sales leads% of virtual booth visitors or attendees providing emails or qualifying information% increase in qualified sales leadsOther/prior trade shows or promotional events CRM and virtual trade show analytics (from platform)
Virtual conference (presentations with no special space for sponsors or breakout rooms)Publicity Club of New England PR Club Virtual Seminar For speaker: position brand as a leader in the industryShare of desired positioning in media coverage of the event% increase in qualified leads,
% increase in target audience believing in your positioning
Other/prior trade shows virtual and IRL Media content analysis and CRM
% of attendees that visit provide contact info% reduction in cost per leadCRM
User group or customer meeting (generally company or product specific)Apple Virtual Developers ConferenceIncrease customer loyalty, reduce churn, increase renewals% of customers that participate% increase in customer loyaltyPrior meetingsCRM
Ratio of positive to neutral comments in social media% reduction in customer churnSocial analytics
% increase in renewals
% growth in existing accounts
Thought leadership eventVirtual Ted TalkPosition CEO or other member of the leadership team as an subject-matter or industry expertShare of media items positioning the CEO or other member of the leadership team as an subject-matter or industry expert% of target audience perceiving CEO or company as industry leadersKey competitors share of conversationIn-show or post show survey
The Summit on the Future of MeasurementOther eventsMedia content analysis
Community eventVirtual Art WalkIncrease brand awareness, consideration, or preference in a specific community; Increase trust; build relationships with community leaders; reduce oppositionShare of desirable brand mentions vs. other sponsors% Increase in brand awareness, consideration, or preference in a specific communityOther community relationship-building eventsPre-post survey
Local virtual music festival% of mentions that contain key messages% increase in trust among community leadersLast year or prior periodMedia content analysis
% decrease in undesirable coverage
Seminar or learning eventProduct training sessions or webinars, i.e., Measurement Base CampBuild customer loyalty, knowledge, and awareness of product; increase adoption% of customers that participate% increase in renewalsOther events or prior yearsCRM
% customers that consider new or additional products% growth in existing accountsPost-event survey

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