Going back to measurement school

I’m not sure if it’s the rising importance of metrics and data in the communications decision-making process, or general belt-tightening but more and more people have been asking me about how to learn more about measurement.   The question comes up regularly on the PRSA forums, so we decided to assemble the answers along with some research of our own into a table that people can use to help them decide what the best solution for their schedule and needs might be.   I’ll be continuing to update it so if I’m missing a great course that you know about please get in touch! Here you go.

Organiation NameDescriptionLengthTotal hoursInstructorsMember or Early Bird RateNon member cost Non-Member Cost per hour of instruction2Website
PRSAPRSA Measurement & Analytics Certificate ProgramUsing Research Before Developing Communication Plans, Evaluating the Success of Messaging/Campaigns, Evaluating the Success of Channels, Connecting Communication Measures to Business Results, In-Depth Measures for Specific Channels, Best Practices for Research Methodology6 weeks (one 90-minute session per week)9Angela Sinikas12951795199https://apps.prsa.org/Learning/Calendar/display/12248/2020_Measurement_and_Analytics_Certificate_Program#.XvxoVOd7n3l
Paine PublishingPP Measurement Base CampLearn how to master Pivot Tables,Calculate Conversions, use SEO to measure PR, create and field surveys, design dashboards 6 weeks (one 90-minute session per week)9Katie Paine & 4 subject-matter experts35040044http://katiep7.sg-host.com/measurement-base-camp-may2020/
AMECA guide to your studies with AMECInternational Certificate inMeasurement and EvaluationBackground and best practice
Evaluation and objective setting
Research methods primer
An introduction to statistics
Traditional media evaluation
Evaluating social media
Internal communications measurement and metrics
AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework
10 weeks 40Paul Noble, PR Academy1033121530https://amecorg.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/AMEC-Course-handbook-October-2020.pdf
RaganBusiness Fluency Boot Camp for CommunicatorsDevelop the business skills communicators need to succeed in the new normal1 Day3Lawrence J. Parnell, Karen Vahouny, Matt Ragas
PA Media PR Strategy, Measurement and Evaluation2 days6Andy Drinkwater44544574https://pa.media/training/pr-communications/pr-strategy-measurement-evaluation/
PRCAPRCA3 hours3Mike Daniels MPRCA20022575https://www.prca.org.uk/event/3602
Quantum PR MeasurementQuantum PR Measurement2.52.5Jesper AndersenNANANAhttps://quantumprmeasurement.com/measurement-training/

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