Gaetan Akinrolabu is Measurement Maven of the Month

Gaetan Akinrolabu

As usual, this year’s PRNEWS Measurement & Data Summit attracted its share of excellent speakers and fabulous case studies. The presentation by Gaetan Akinrolabu, Director of Corporate Social and Digital Media for Mirati Therapeutics, was a standout for me. He started with the overall communications goal of, “Raising Mirati’s profile, visibility, and reputation as a science-led oncology biotech.” He then designed an integrated dashboard that pulled in all the data necessary to understand how much progress the communications team was making toward that goal at any point in time.

He combined data and metrics from SEO, paid search, social media, and just about any other platform you can imagine. His tech stack centralized all the data from multiple platforms and tools into a single dashboard. It enabled Mirati to understand not just how each individual function was performing, but where they were getting the most leverage for the least data.

For quantitative data they used media coverage, number of placements, interviews, event attendance, press release, and downloads, as well as Tweets and retweets. Then they added qualitative data including message penetration, analyst firm ratings, perception audits, as well as sales leads.

Best of all, the data could be pulled by target audience. So the comms teams could ensure that whether the audience was potential talent or health care providers (Mirati’s primary audiences) they would know how they were doing.

For his accomplishments, we declare Gaetan Akinrolabu to be our Measurement Maven of the Month. Congrats! ∞

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