A photo illustrating the concept of integrated communications measurement.

Think of integrated communications as a PESO department with internal communications on the top. And measuring integrated communications means that you are analyzing all your data in one place, and correlating results between different tactics to learn how you can improve your communications. Here’s a list of Measurement Advisor coverage on the topic:

Overview of Integrated Communications Measurement

5 Good Reasons Why You Need Integrated Communications Measurement

What? You’re still keeping the metrics for all your communications functions in different silos and different platforms? Stop it now! Integrating the measurement process for all your comms functions will change your life. Not to mention make it a lot easier to show your value to senior leadership. Read more.

5 Quick Tips to Develop Your Perfect Integrated Communications Dashboard

Putting together your own integrated communications dashboard? I’ve helped many, many organizations do just that, and certain tricky points in the process come up time after time. Here’s how to deal with them… Read more.

Getting Started with Integrated Communications Measurement

Your Guide to Integrated Communications Measurement

This article is a guide to the June 2018 issue of The Measurement Advisor, which includes several articles about measuring your integrated communications efforts. Read more.

So You Want to Build an Integrated Communications Measurement Dashboard? Here’s How to Do It

Developing an integrated communications measurement dashboard can be a tricky and involved process. You’ve got to have a strategy, pick KPIs and metrics, find the best sources of data, and then get all of it approved by everybody who matters. It’s a lot of work, but very doable. Read more.

A Checklist for Creating an Integrated Communications Measurement Dashboard

This checklist will help you get organized and track your progress as you develop your integrated communications measurement system. Read more.

The Tools You Need to Implement Your Integrated Communications Dashboard, and 5 Rules for Using Them

If you want an endorsement of any particular tool or platform, you won’t find it here. Instead, I’m going to focus on how to find the right tool to get the dashboard you need, and provide some rules to guide your journey. Read more.


The Integrated Communications Measurement Dashboard eBook

The Integrated Communications Measurement Dashboard eBook is designed for communications professionals who want to see all their metrics in one place. A dashboard that provides a single source of truth where you can easily see the results of your entire team, regardless of whether that team includes PR, social, digital, public affairs, events, internal communications or any combination you can come up with. 

This indispensable ebook provides tips, techniques, and advice based on years of experience designing measurement dashboards for organizations in all industries from banking to the B2B, B2C, Nonprofit, and Government arenas. Price: $27
 Find out more and get yours today!


Advanced Topics

2018 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement Wrap-up: Business Value, Social Responsibility, and Integrated Communications Measurement

If there was one theme to emerge from the discussions during the recent 2018 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement it was that whatever metrics emerge, they will be tied to revenue and business goals, and will bear little resemblance to the activity metrics of old. Read more.

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