Eugene Kalnyk and the PR Team at MacPaw are the Measurement Mavens of the Month

An image of a MacPaw employe working in their bathtub to illustrate the concept of the qualities of a Measurement Maven.
MacPaw’s Julia Petryk works in her bathtub, the safest place in her Kyiv apartment during the Russian bombardment of Ukraine.

We knew Kyiv-based MacPaw was really into measurement when they (a) signed up last year for Paine Publishing’s Measurement Summit on the Future of Measurement and then (b) followed up by sending two people to our Measurement Base Camp last winter. We were always impressed by their questions and input and their dedication to do measurement right.

But what earned them the Measurement Maven crown this month was their amazing commitment to doing proper measurement under the most difficult conditions imaginable. MacPaw not only put out multiple product announcements and updates in the in the middle of a war — despite evacuations, bombs falling, and air raid sirens going off — but they still found time to measure the effectiveness of their communications. (Read the whole story at “Communicating in a War Zone: 8 Lessons from the Front Lines of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.”)

To all those communications folks out there who claim they have “barriers” to measurement, or they “don’t have time to measure,” we call BS. If MacPaw can measure in a war zone, you can measure anywhere else. Congrats to Eugene Kalnyk and the PR team at MacPaw, our Measurement Mavens of the Month! ∞

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