David Cantor is the Measurement Maven of the Month

David Cantor
David Cantor, PhD, is Deputy Director, Measurement and Insights, Global Communications and Engagement, at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

When you’re elected to the IPR Measurement Commission that pretty much says that you’re measurement obsessed. When you get elected to the PRNEWS Measurement Hall of Fame you are clearly a Measurement Maven.

Beyond even those achievements, David Cantor is uniquely qualified to be our Measurement Maven of the Month. There are few people on the planet who have done more good with metrics than he has. As Deputy Director of Measurement and Insights for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation he uses continuous surveys and monitoring to manage the Foundation’s efforts on 60+ different issues.

This week at the PRNEWS Measurement and Crisis Conference he described the research he uses to manage the Foundation’s influencer program. It starts with separating the influencers who are highly engaged on an issue from those who are highly knowledgeable on the issue. Then, depending on the goals of a particular program and the issue at hand, the Foundation reaches out to the most appropriate influencers.

Cantor started his advocacy career in politics. I was suitably impressed with his knowledge of the ins and outs of the New Hampshire primary, and of our cities Concord and Manchester in winter. Congratulations to David Cantor, our Measurement Maven of the Month! ∞

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