Communications Data Geeks are the Measurement Mavens of the Year for 2017

The Measurement Mavens of the Year for 2017 are the communications data geeks. I call them “data geeks,” but, really, I mean all the people in professional communications that are marrying business data with marketing and PR metrics to show the real value that communications delivers.

We’ve talked about many of them in these pages already. Here are a few, again:

  • Cristina Hanganu of Lidl Romania, who is putting together a communications dashboard and actually has all the data to do that at her fingertips.
  • Then there’s Sam Ruchlewicz of Warshawski, whose hero is Avinash Kaushik and who makes sure his clients have set up measurable KPIs before he takes them on.
  • Mark Stouse, inventor of Proof, who has been using his system to not just provide insight but to challenge many of our most established marketing assumptions.
  • Jackie Price, who left her job as Worldwide Managing Director at Burson Marsteller to start End Game, a company that uses data science to help her clients predict outcomes from their marketing efforts.
  • Laura Browne, who started Covalent Bonds because she got sick of wasting her agency’s time pitching clients that didn’t have enough insight into their business to even use an agency effectively. Now she helps clients get the needed data up front, before even starting the agency search.

These pioneers and their peers are leading our industry in the drive to show real business value for what we do. Given the thousands of professional communicators out there, they may only be a handful, but their drive in the direction of good data and solid decision-making sets them apart. It’s a tiny group so far, but it’s a start. Congratulations to our Measurement Mavens of the Year. ∞

(Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash)

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