You can’t quarantine progress — Recent Advances in Measurement Technology

While the rest of us are at home, tending our sourdough starters and binge-watching Netflix, the MarTech industry continues to advance the technology of measurement. Here are a few interesting developments:

  • MarTech aid to small businesses. Lots of MarTech companies are doing their best to help small businesses survive these days, so if you are looking to up your technology game, now is the time.
  • Article-level measurement. If it works, Cision’s announcement this month on the ability to measure readership on an article level is a much-needed major advance in terms of accurately calculating reach and impact. For years we have been recommending against measuring reach and impressions, because so many of the common media measurement firms report “impressions” based on the root URL of the media outlet. So when you place an article in a minor local news page buried deep within the website, you’re informed by the service that your minor article reached 150,000,000 people worldwide. Cision’s new metrics purportedly report on validated readership numbers for the actual page your article appeared on.
  • A huge advance for measuring out-of-home ads. Moving Walls has patented a measurement system for out-of-home (OOH), which will collect data from passers-by using signals such as Bluetooth and Wifi in order to map how many individuals may have seen a campaign.
  • More podcast monitoring. More monitoring companies, including Cision, Meltwater, Burrelles, and Intrado have added podcast monitoring to their portfolios. So who is monitoring and measuring TikTok?
  • #Instagram #$$$. And if you want to try to put a value on your Instagram account, check this out. ∞
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