Paine Publishing’s Beginners Tips for Measuring Trust

Just getting started in measuring trust? Here’s an easy way to do it in seven steps:

  1. Define the stakeholders whose trust is important to the success of your organization.
  2. Rank order them by what relationships makes the biggest difference to your success
  3. Either (a) get the emails for those people, if there are just a few of them, or (b) contact Survata, SurveyMonkey, or Research Now, to find out what it will cost to send a representative sample a trust survey.
  4. Go through the trust survey instrument in Hon and Grunig’s paper and identify 5-7 questions that are most appropriate for your needs.
  5. Build the questions into a survey and send it out.
  6. Analyze results. Look for trends, insights, and surprises.
  7. Repeat in six months.

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