All Your Most Common PR and Communications Measurement Questions Answered

One of the things I’m missing most about not giving speeches in person is the chance to hear what is on people’s minds. Somehow the chat box and online Q & A just don’t seem as immediate. Reading a question online like, “How do I convince my boss that what my team does is valuable?” doesn’t have anywhere near the urgency as IRL, when you can see the fear and confusion on someone’s face, and hear the stress vibes in their voice.

But that doesn’t mean that you, our dearly beloved readers, don’t have just as many questions as ever. So we thought we’d synthesize some of the questions and answers we’ve been providing over the past year or so into one humongous Q & A edition of The Measurement Advisor. This issue promises to answer most of the questions about measurement that you’ve ever had. Or at least we’ll try.

So here are the questions I’ve been asked most frequently over the past 12 months, just click on the links to find the answers:

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