27 Articles on COVID-19 Communications Measurement

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For most of us, there has been no bigger crisis than the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing a mask, working from home, and kids perpetually underfoot are only the really-not-so-terrible tip of an iceberg almost 650,000 deaths huge, and counting. Measurement-wise, the pandemic means tremendous pressure on internal comms to keep employees productive, informed, and feeling that someone, somewhere is somehow in control of changes to their livelihoods and their future prospects.

Still, challenges bring opportunities, and measurement provides tools to help find those opportunities. Over the past few months our Measurement Advisor coverage has touched on many aspects of measurement during the pandemic: from virtual events, to data integrity, to evaluating the most vital organizational qualities during times of crisis: empathy, trust, and authenticity. Here’s hoping these articles on COVID-19 communications measurement will make your difficult time a little easier:

Just What Does the Pandemic Mean for Measurement?

Pandemic Priorities: Measure the Human Connection

A guide to our June Measurement Advisor issue on measuring diversity and measuring virtual events. During the pandemic we still need employees to be engaged and we still need contact with our peers. Here’s how to measure those things. Read more.

The Key to the Next Normal Is Measurement As Usual

This article is a guide to the content of April issue of The Measurement Advisor, dedicated to helping all of us survive and ultimately thrive in whatever era comes next. The big lesson is that proper COVID-19 communications measurement will help you more quickly get back to whatever will be the new normal. Read more.

Measurement Life in the New Normal: Crisis, Virus, AI, and Important New Research

A guide to our March issue of The Measurement Advisor, including six articles on the annual International Public Relations Research Conference, expert tips on video chats, and using AI to predict crises. Read more.

What Comes Next? Empathy, Trust, and Authenticity: How to Measure Yours

Research is definitely the best solution to the crushing uncertainty with which we are trying to cope. But the question is, exactly what should you be measuring? It’s not enough to fall back on comments or shares or even clicks. It is far more important to know the why… Read more.

Research Is the Communicator’s PPE—and the Fastest Way Back to the New Normal

Major organizations have known for years that, in times of great change and uncertainty, survival goes to those with the most data and information. Read more.

Dealing with Pandemic Challenges

When Your Employees Work from Home, Video Chats Are Essential, and Other Tips from the Experts

Suddenly, the world has millions of new work-from-home employees and learn-from-home students. This article provides some expert research-based insight and advice on how to communicate with workers and students at home. Read more.

6 COVID-19 PR Challenges You Can Prepare for Right Now

Don’t waste your time pitching stories to journalists who are probably doing the work that three people did last year, and already have 1,000 pitches in their inbox. Rather, put your energy toward preparing for whatever your next COVID-19 PR challenge will be. Ask yourself the following six questions, and then follow our tips on doing the proactive research required. Read more.

Strategies to Survive and Thrive in the Next Normal

In math, a derangement is a permutation in which no element ends up in its original position. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a communications derangement for brands. Whenever we put this pandemic behind us, very few things will be in the same position that they were last year. Read more.

What You Need to Measure During the Pandemic—and How to Measure It

If You Don’t Feel Safe, You Won’t Go Out: Here’s How to Measure the Perception of Your Organization’s COVID-19 Safety

You need to convince your stakeholders that it is safe to do business with you. Clearly, the perception of safety and trustworthiness of your place of business, service, or product must now become part of your Unique Selling Proposition. Read more.

Measuring Virtual Events

Trying to Benchmark Results for Your Internal Communications? PoliteMail Has the Answer

PoliteMail is a great measurement-oriented internal communications email platform. They mine the 586 million emails they process every year to put out an annual benchmark report that is full of wonderful data points. Read more.

COVID-19 Communications Measurement Case Studies and Lessons

Measurement Case Study: Girl Scouts and Love’s COVID-19 Fundraiser: 5,000 Boxes of Cookies to Truckers

The Scouts were having trouble fundraising with their iconic cookies, due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders related to COVID-19. A few troops turned to Love’s Travel Stops to see whether we’d give cookies away in our stores to truck drivers. Of course, we agreed. Read more.

FOFO Can Kill, and 4 More Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic

There are many lessons that will come out of the coronavirus pandemic. Politicians, CEOs, and communications professionals will all have to learn them. Some will learn the hard way, others might not. Read more.

Covid Crisis Brand Behavior We Can Learn From

Society will change a lot in the coming months, as will the most effective ways to communicate. We don’t know exactly how things will change, just yet, and it will be months before we really do. One thing we do know is that the techniques necessary to do good communications measurement are exactly those we need to adapt to whatever changes are ahead. Read more.

Pandemic Measurement Heroes and Villains


Rebekah Jones Is Measurement Maven of the Month

Rebekah Jones, former geographic information systems manager for the State of Florida, and all of the data scientists working to make COVID-19 data more accurate, are heroes in this fight against the coronavirus. Read more.

@steak_umm and @nathanallebach Are the Measurement Mavens of the Month

Thank you, @steak_umm and @nathanallebach, for bringing data and science to the forefront of popular culture. Read more.

The New York Times Is the Measurement Maven of the Month

The New York Times deserves particular kudos for how they mine data and then turn that data into beautiful, compelling visuals that anyone can understand. That’s a lesson for all of us. Read more.


The Measurement Menaces of the Month Are Everybody Who Shares Bad Data

If there is a common thread in nearly every COVID-19 interview or media story, it is uncertainty. Here are just three examples of uncertain or bad data in the news… Read more.

White House Economic Advisor Kevin Hassett (and Anyone Else Who Uses Data to Kill Us) Are the Measurement Menaces of the Month

This past month brought a deadly example of one of our favorite quotations about data: “Statistics are like political prisoners: torture them long enough and they will say anything.” Read more.

Data Companies that “Predict” Consumer Behavior Are the Measurement Menaces of the Month

It’s fine to build out models that drive headlines. But I’m a New Englander. We have a saying up here: “Don’t like the weather? Just wait a minute.” Read more.

Measurement Mistake of the Month: The CDC’s Dirty Data Pollutes COVID-19 Metrics

Despite our best planning, sometimes we don’t really understand the flaws in a project until we look at the data. Read more.

It’s an Opportunity

DIY Communications Measurement: Teach Yourself 5 Vital Skills With These How-to Videos

The days of being able to hire someone to do your measurement for you may be over for awhile. You might have to learn to do a few things for yourself. Here’s a series of Paine Publishing DIY communications measurement videos, narrated by Katie Paine herself. Read more.

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