14 Articles On Why AVE is Bad: Don’t Use It!

Advertising Value Equivalency is the bogus communication measurement tool that is at last going away. Whatever metrics you may  be considering, AVE should NOT be one of them. If you still need convincing about the true depths of its evil nature, then here are 14 articles for you, (all written by Katie Paine and published in The Measurement Advisor, except where noted):

  1. How to Spurn the Siren Call of the AVE Succubus
  2. Breaking Bad Measurement: 2 Ways to Kick the AVE Habit
  3. Addicted to AVE? Here Are 5 Time-Tested Alternatives
  4. How to Adapt When Your Agency or Vendor Refuses to Provide AVEs — And They Will
  5. By Richard Bagnall, published by AMEC:
    The Definitive Guide: Why AVEs Are Invalid, including 22 Reasons to Say No to AVEs
  6. By Michelle Hinson:
    Why AVEs Are Like Kim Kardashian’s Derriere, and Other Super Bowl Musing
  7. By Michelle Hinson:
    Grandma Here is Tired of Talking About AVE… Good Thing Millennials Will Make Them Obsolete
  8. By Michelle Hinson:
    What g-AVE You That Silly Idea? The Need to Quantify and Monetize Your Organization’s PR Function?
  9. The 12% Who Still Use AVEs Are the Measurement Menaces of the Month
  10. Finally: a Vaccine for Ad Value Equivalency?
  11. Measurement Menaces of the Month: Companies that Dump AVEs Overseas
  12. Measurement Menaces of the Month: CCOs Who Still Believe in AVES
  13. Measurement Menaces of the Month: Companies that Demand AVE from their International Affiliates
  14. 12 Signs Your Measurement Program Is Not in Compliance With the Barcelona Principles (And How To Fix Them)

And if for some reason you still have an urge to use AVEs, give Katie Paine a call (603-682-0735) and she will convince you to use a more valid technique. ∞

Thanks for the image to Carlos Lincoln on Pixabay.


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