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Tonight the world says good bye, (many might say good riddance) to 2013. News outlets, radio talk show hosts, and countless pundits are all summarizing the highs and lows of 2013 inspiring in me both a desire to do the same and a general desire to puke if I see one more year-end wrap up.
Nonetheless, circumstances force me to do a bit of wrapping up of my own.
First of all, for the record, I’m not one of the ones who will say good riddance. December 2013 finds me happier and healthier than I’ve been for a very long time. I’m doing what I love i.e. a lot of writing, as well as helping organization define their measures of success, in a place that I love, Shankhassick Farm. First snowfall 2009 044As I write, a cardinal, countless finches and a blue jay dart past my windows, providing me and my cat with endless, wireless, free entertainment. I have a bunch of interesting new measurement conundrums to solve, including figuring what Google Glass will mean to measurement —  I ordered mine today!
Not that 2013 didn’t have its ups and downs.  In June I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease — as if being 60 wasn’t painful enough! At the same time, after 26 years of collecting and analyzing media, I decided that my entrepreneurial spirit was itchy, so I left the business of measurement research in June, bidding adieu to my colleagues at News Group and the former KDPaine & Partners (now rebranded as Salience Insight.) My new company, Paine Publishing launched in August. It’s mission is to help organizations establish effective, meaningful communications measurement programs that are in compliance with published industry standards. I’m still measurement focused, but rather than actually doing the research, Paine Publishing will teach it — via seminars, workshops, newsletters, videos, etc.
Of course, as Gary Hirshberg, founder of Stonyfield Farm always tells me “starting a new company will take twice as long and cost three times as much as you plan.” The “takes twice as long”  part is certainly true for Paine Publishing. But the good news is that you can now check out our web site and maybe even buy something! In the mean time I’ve worked with some great clients and am having a blast moving more and more companies towards a world that is AVE-free and standards compliant.
I’ll be writing my full “Measurement Year in Review” on our newsletter next week, but before that I have one more request. Follow @metricsqueen on Twitter. As of today the old @kdpaine Twitter handle is being retired and replaced by @queeenofmetrics.
And if you haven’t updated my email address it is now

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    …I’m very excited for you Katie…you’ve been a leader amongst peers and will know doubt continue to provide your greater community with the leadership and insight that we have all come to respect and admire…best wishes in 2014 and beyond @FergDevins