Measurement standards are established & best practices have been defined. Use the information and resources below to guide your measurement endeavors.

The Barcelona Principles

The document that started the measurement standards movement.

The Melbourne Mandate

A call to action for new areas of value in public relations, social media, and communications management.

Standards Compliance Statement

If you’re delivering research reports and want to show that you’re standards-compliant, use this for agencies and research firms to include.

Best Practices and Standards-Compliant Measurement Checklist

A checklist to use alongside any campaign or program you plan to measure.

Nine Typical Problems and the Vendors to Solve Them

This chart presents common types of measurement needs along with suggested vendors to consider. (Last revised January 2016.)

The Conclave on Social Media Measurement’s Standards

A cross-industry effort to simplify and unify the measurement of social media.

Sources & Methods Transparency Template

Use this blank template when you start a new measurement project.

Dictionary of PR Measurement & Research: 3rd edition 

All the terms and definitions you’ll need to understand measurement.

Digital Metrics Field Guide

The ARF’s Definitive Guide to Metrics for anyone using the web, social media, mobile media, and/or email.

Influencer Handbook

Prepared by WOMMA about the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of Influencer Marketing.

Standards Compliance Letter

If you’re issuing a measurement RFP, you should include this letter.

The Coalition’s Standards

Standards for traditional media measurement set by an alliance between CPRF, Global Alliance, IPR, AMEC, and PRSA.

The Valid Metrics Framework 

A framework for designing a standards-compliant measurement program.

Standard Measurement Codebook

If you are setting up a measurement program and need to establish standard coding terminology, you’ll want this codebook.

Standards and Best Practices for Communications Measurement in Higher Ed

If you work for a college or university and need to establish a best-in-class measurement program, you’ll want to start by reading our white papers, including: