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Paine Publishing raises the bar and drops the cost of measurement education

New Measurement 101 training package captures 25 years of measurement experience in one on-line course

September 5, 2014 Durham, NH— To kickoff the start of Measurement Week, Paine Publishing, LLC is proud to announce that copies of its “Measurement 101 Course in a Box” are ready for release. The course includes six videos, six accompanying lesson guides, a final exam, and a detailed bibliography and reference list. Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO and Publisher, was inspired by numerous academics who wanted teaching materials for their students. She developed the multi-media course based on her 26 years of experience measuring PR and Social Media.

“If we want to increase adoption of the new standards for PR and Social Media measurement, we need to create more measurement mavens. This course is designed to do just that,” Paine explained, “I essentially put down in digital form everything I’ve learned from two decades of helping organizations measure results.”

Pricing of Paine Publishing’s Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box, reflects her philosophy. The basic price for the course is $101, which is a fraction of the cost of most professional communications training packages.  There is a special $250 version for academic professionals that includes all the materials, plus a one-hour personal Skype call with the class and a special discount code that enables their students to purchase the package for $50.

“We need more people who understand why just counting clips, using AVEs and counting likes makes no sense in a world that expects ROI and real results. The way we do that is to make training affordable for everyone, not just those in big corporations,” Paine said.

Paine Publishing was founded a year ago, to train, consult and publish materials about communications measurement. The company’s approach is to combine consulting with traditional digital publishing. Each subscriber to Paine Publishing gets a private invitation to chat with Paine once a month in the “Ask Katie Paine Measurement Hour.”

In addition to the Measurement 101 course, Paine Publishing also offers the Standards Compliance Curriculum, an in-depth instruction on Social and PR Measurement Standards, as well as the Travel Package to Compliance a training package for Destination Marketers. Its flagship publication is its monthly newsletter, The Measurement Advisor, a monthly newsletter about measurement.

Paine has authored three books, but believes that its time for a new approach to learning about measurement. “Many of my readers wanted an “update” edition of the books, but that seemed to me like creating a more effective buggy whip. We wanted to rethink the way we communicate about measurement, so we use a variety of different media to reach the broadest possible audience.

“Ever since The Barcelona Principles were announced, people have been telling me ‘Great, but how do put them to use? I started Paine Publishing to help organizations answer that question,” Paine said. Paine has been a leader in the field of measurement for more than two decades and has founded two measurement companies, KDPaine & Partners, Inc. (now part of Salience Insight) and The Delahaye Group (now Cision.)

Paine’s latest book, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, written with noted non-profit guru Beth Kanter recently won the national Terry McAdam prize for its contribution to the nonprofit world. “For nonprofits, Paine Publishing will leverage the expertise that we gained writing the book and continuously update and expand the tools and information we provide,” Paine said.

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