Press Releases

Katie Paine, author of Measure What Matters and co-author with Beth Kanter of Measuring the Networked Non-Profit,  has released a new eBook designed to teach social media measurement to communications professionals. “If you’re tired of metrics overload and need more insight from your social media data, you need to read this book now,” says Paine.

Social Media Measurement 101 provides practical, detailed guidance on how marketers and communications professionals can use social media data to make their programs better. It includes everything from a simple checklist to begin the measurement process to comprehensive guidance on how to analyze results. Other topics include:

  • How to Pick the Right Social Listening Vendor
  • How to Budget for Measurement
  • How to Measure Engagement
  • How to Calculate Social Media ROI
  • How to Spot Dirty Data and Clean It Up

Buyers of the eBook may also join Paine’s subscriber-exclusive monthly Measurement Hour in which she answers any measurement questions her readers have. Social Media Measurement 101 is available for $27 and can be purchased by visiting Paine Publishing’s Measurement Mall.

Paine Publishing, LLC is a New Hampshire-based consulting firm founded by Katie Delahaye Paine in 2013. Its mission is to train and advise individuals and organizations on how to measure their public relations, social media, internal communications, marketing, and communications efforts. Her company also publishes The Measurement Advisor, the world’s only newsletter dedicated to measurement for communications professionals.