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In response to growing concerns about the accuracy and relevancy of today’s PR and Social Media Metrics, Paine Publishing, LLC today announced a new measurement auditing service for PR and Marketing professionals. Paine Publishing’s Measurement Audit service will work with clients to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of their PR and Marketing Measurement programs. Using advanced statistical analysis techniques combined with CEO Katie Delahaye Paine’s 30+ years of measurement expertise, the new Measurement Audit service evaluates an organization’s existing measurement program on its ability to deliver accurate date that is measures success against established goals.
“Similar to financial audits, having your communications metrics certified by an outside, independent third party will serve to raise the level of credibility of the entire department and ensure that your program is achieving the utmost efficiencies,” explained Paine. “No one wants to be in a meeting with your senior leadership team having to defend flawed data, and sadly with the proliferation of data and computer automated analysis, many measurement systems are very vulnerable to those problems.”
The service employs sophisticated data anlaysis tools, human coding and verification with expertise based on decades of experience designing and implementing mesuremenet systems. The service starts at $2500 per appraisal and is available immediately. For more information, click here.