If you want to unsubscribe, here’s what to do.

If you’re already logged in:

Simply click on the Account link in the navigation menu. This brings you to your account page.

How to cancel your subscription: image showing a visual of the steps.

Click on Subscriptions. A list of your subscriptions appears.

Look in the far right column. You’ll see links that say, “Update Other Memberships,” “Pause,” and “Cancel.”

Subscription screen image

If you’d like to pause your subscription for a period of time and reactivate it in the future, click “Pause.”

If you’d like to cancel your subscription altogether, click “Cancel.”

That’s it! You’re good to go.

If you’re not logged in:

Click the Log In link at the top right of your screen.

Login image

Follow the instructions above.


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  1. Elim maartensson Reply

    I want to unsUbscribe. I don’t want to reviece newsletters or anytging.
    Plrasw remove me!
    I juSt payed 9 dollars fe patpal i have proof that says i already Subacribes. Why is’nt it working??

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