Recipe for a Communications Dashboard: How To Stir the Pot, Cook Up Some Numbers, and Serve Up Success


Here’s a recipe for a tasty communications dashboard (tested and approved by yours truly):


  • 5-10 department heads
  • 1 white board
  • 3 flip charts
  • 1 roll of masking tape
  • 4 different colored markers
  • 80 colored dots
  • 1 moderator
  • 1 person who can make a decision
  • 1 note taker

Plan Ahead

14 days ahead of time:
Prepare memo describing the meeting purpose. Enclose all existing measurement reports and research.

2 days ahead of time:
Send out email with meeting agenda and ask participants the following questions:

  1. In what ways do you most influence the success of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME HERE]?
  2. If your department/function/job were eliminated how would [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME HERE] be affected?
  3. If you were celebrating 100% success in all of your goals for 2016, what would you have accomplished?

1 day ahead of time:
Repeat instructions above.

Day of meeting:
Mix all ingredients, stir thoroughly, and allow ideas to rise without interruption.

Start with Only the Freshest Ingredients

As with any recipe, the key to cooking up a successful dashboard is to start out with the right ingredients. Everything must be fresh, and of the highest quality money can buy. So pick your best and your brightest out-of-the-box thinkers to participate. And of course, you need the staples – people in charge of highly measured disciplines like digital content and email who understand and have used measurement for a long time. Also, you want a range of flavors and spices, so include people from a variety of departments and interests, including a couple of creative outsiders if possible.

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