How To Measure Faster and for Less Money: Look at Key Influencers First

diagram of influencer effect

Now that every pundit is a publisher, you need to rethink what you consider top tier media. 

Whether we call them influencers, thought leaders, or, as Malcolm Gladwell might have called them, connectors, organizations of all shapes, sizes, and industries are obsessing over them. Whatever nomenclature you chose, these people are the 50-100 VIPs in your industry whose opinion carries the most weight (or, god forbid, “Klout”).

The issue was important enough for the Conclave on Social Media Measurement Standards to work with WOMMA to define a standard for influence:

“In order to be influential a person must have relevancy, frequency, and reach.”

Read WOMMA’s very helpful paper on the subject here.

How to Find the Real Influencers

Thankfully, given the plethora of people who claim to be “thought leaders,” there are a number of tools out there that can help you identify who the real influencers are (and Klout is not one of them).

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