How to Measure the Effectiveness of Podcasts

This article covers how to measure and evaluate the value of podcasts, both those that you underwrite and those that you produce yourself.

Podcasts? I confess I am a bit of a latecomer to podcasts. When all the millennials around me started talking about them a few years ago I rolled my eyes and thought, “Huh?” Then of course every marketing guru started one, and I was grateful to be a featured guest on many of them. But still, I never actually listened to them—other than to make sure I didn’t sound too whiny (sorry Luke Armour!).

Then my clients began to ask me to include podcast metrics on their dashboards, and that finally got my attention. I started listening to Serial and, like millions of Americans, I got addicted to the whodunit nature of the story. Then this year it was Pod Save America, put out post-election by Crooked Media, a group of ex-Obama communications pros that riff about all things politics on a regular basis. Their first podcast went from zero to over a million listeners in a little over a week.

So now I am a total convert. I share favorite podcast lists the way we used to put our favorite books or blogs on our websites. (Send me an email and I’ll be happy to send you my latest.) And I’m not the only one who’s excited about them...

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