Here’s How To Design a Social Media Measurement System in 6 Easy Steps


The most annoying statement I’ve heard lately (that didn’t come from a presidential candidate) is: “We haven’t figured out how to measure social media.” I want to yell at them: “It’s 2016: I’ve been measuring social media for a decade!” But then I realize how many organizations are still just starting to dip their toes in the social media waters. So to them and others, I offer my 6-step program for a perfect social media measurement system:

Step #1: Decide: What problem are you using social media to solve?

Sit down with your boss, your boss’s boss, your board, or who ever holds the budgetary sword of Damocles over your head and get agreement on why you are even contemplating social media.   What’s the desired outcome? If you can’t answer that, go back to your boss, your boss’s boss, or whoever came up with the bright idea of “doing social media,” and make sure you can all agree on a set of goals, objectives, and desired outcomes.

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