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Whether you’re a newbie to communications measurement or you have some experience you’d like to build on, you’ve come to the right place.The Measurement Mall is the spot where you can find resources that will elevate your measurement skills:

From free research, to thought-provoking blogs posts, books, helpful tutorials, and more, welcome to Paine Publishing’s Measurement Mall! Enjoy your scrolling and if you have any questions, use this special measurement education flowchart to guide you (or contact us directly).

Want help figuring out the best product to fit your needs? Check out this special measurement education flowchart to guide you.

The Measurement Advisor
Our subscription-based newsletter delivers advice, industry news, and more!

Measurement 101 for Nonprofits
A detailed guide about how nonprofits can use measurement to succeed.

Social Media Measurement 101 – How to Measure What Matters in Social Media 
Everything a social media manager needs to put in place the perfect measurement program!

Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box for Professors 
Are you thinking about adding PR, Social Media or communications measurement to your curriculum? We can help!

Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box
A comprehensive course covering PR, Social Media and communications measurement.

The Complete Guide to Integrated Measurement Dashboards  
Everything you need to create your customized integrated communications dashboard.

DMO Barcelona Compliance tutorial

The DMO’s Ticket to Barcelona Principles Compliance
A tutorial tailored to travel & tourism.

The Barcelona Principles Tutorial
Learn about the Barcelona Principles and how you can incorporate them into your work.

The Measurement Sherpa’s Essential Guide
Your handbook to becoming/managing the person who handles an organization’s data.

Measurement Sherpa: Quick Guide
An ebook about the critical skills one must have in today’s measurement world.