While many people perceive measurement to be a boring and dry topic, Katie Paine consistently leaves her audiences not just informed, but entertained. Her talks are a balance of story telling and practical how-to advice, so attendees can return to work and put high-quality measurement practices into practice right away.  She tailors her talks for each audience with appropriate case histories and does both hands-on training as well as formal presentations.

Katie with others at a PR conference in Bucharest, Romania, 2015.
  • Jam-packed with data about measuring social media; many ideas I can use in my work right away.

  • Best session of the event so far. Packed with great content, actionable stuff. Went too fast, though.

  • Everything was new content for me. I learned so much and I can’t wait to show my supervisors the information I took away from the workshop.

  • I enjoyed learning from a nationally recognized leader in evaluation. It gave me ideas for how to approach measurement.

  • Excellent speaker! Knows her content really well and delivers it really well!

  • Gave me ideas on where our agency needs to be heading (we are the social service agency just beginning social media).

  • Awesome, knowledgeable speaker; love the venue.

  • The information was incredibly useful and Katie was engaging.

  • Very well prepared and used realistic, relatable insight and examples.

  • She presented lots of real business cases.

  • Katie Paine was excellent.

  • Loved this world class thought leader.

  • Real life examples. Tools identified.

  • Very captivating speaker.

  • Keep bringing her back!

  • Paine was a fantastic speaker and I learned a lot I didn’t know about. It really made me want to engage more in social media overall and taught me a lot about the measurement of it. Many say measurement of social media isn’t possible but after this meeting, I know it can be.